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Our Range of Beverages

thai tea original_edited.jpg

Thai Tea Original

From Tea Plantation in Thailand to Your Cup

Creamy and rich flavour with a unique vanilla aroma

Viet Coffee

Probably the most authentic Vietnamese Coffee in Singapore

Creamy silky-smooth coffee flavour with balanced sweetness

viet coffee_edited.jpg
thai green tea_edited.jpg

Thai Green Tea

Probably the most authentic Vietnamese Coffee in Singapore

Creamy and rich blend of jasmine tea with pandan notes
(High content of antioxidants)


Anything is good if it's made of chocolate. - Jo Brand

Rich and creamy chocolate flavor with balanced sweetness and pleasant cocoa aroma



For the chocolate and coffee lover

A flavorful mixture of full-bodied espresso and finest quality cocoa

Avocado Melaka

Sweet, Luscious and Creamy

Rich, smooth and fragrant flavour with a touch of Gula Melaka
(High content of antioxidants)

avocado melaka_edited.jpg
viet black coffee_edited.jpg

Black Viet Coffee

Our Wellness Edition Drink

Strong, smooth coffee with distinctive flavour and aroma


Established in early 2020 as a home-based Thai Tea business, 47beverages put a lot of work into crafting our first signature drink with passion and attention to detail to preserve the authentic taste and aroma. After initial success with our signature 'Thai Tea Original' drink, we proceed with creating new flavours based on our original recipes and premium ingredients. Currently, we have 8 flavours in our offer and are continuously working on developing new ones.