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Testimonial 1.jpg

"My husband loves it. Now my brother in law wants to try."

Sis Khairatika

Testimonial 2.jpg

"It is very-very good... creamy and milky. Just the way we like it."

Sis A

Testimonial 3.jpg

"Your thai tea is soo good! Not bitter and too sweet."

Sis Siti

Testimonial 4.jpg

"My son poured twice! It's soo good!"


Testimonial 5.jpg

"Sedapp!! Very close to the original ChaTraMue milk tea!! Will order again."

Bro Taisman

Testimonial 6.jpg

"Thank you and it is so good. Definitely will order again during iftar."


Testimonial 7.jpg

"The thai tea taste super good.. my entire family loves it."

Sis Sulastri

Testimonial 8.jpg

"We must share and support good stuffs!"

Sis S

Testimonial 9.jpg

"It's DELICIOUS! The taste is just nice. Not too sweet."


testimonial 10.png

"I have to say it's REALLY good!! you all should try. I give 10/10 seriously recommended."


testimonial 12.png

"The thai tea connoisseur gives his thumbs up. This is not the diluted kind and definitely comes top of the list. It's difficult to find a well balanced teh tarik that has a good mix of tea and milk. It reminds hubs of the times when we are in Bangkok!"

Denise Deanna

testimonial 13.png

"I finished the whole bottle. It's that good!"


testimonial 14.png

"Wow!! Their Avocado Melaka superb!! Seriously!! You have to try it!!"

Zetty's Hijama

testimonial 15.png

"It's legit sedap."


testimonial 16.png

"I love thai tea from 47thaitea."

Zetty's Hijama

testimonial 18.png

"Our family's choice! We love 'em all!"


testimonial 19.png

"You go to check these flavours!! The viet coffee and mocha POWER GILER!! Thai tea and avocado melaka don't have to say la... Superb!"

Zetty's Hijama

testimonial 20.png

"I'm usually a black coffee kinda person. but this Avocado Melaka is perghh!"


testimonial 21.png

"The drinks are awesome!"


testimonial 23.png

"It's very delicious! My third time in 2 weeks."


testimonial 24.png



testimonial 26.png

"Love the setup. Love hot thai tea.!"

Chef Bob

testimonial 27.png

"Favourite thai tea... Yes, I hoarded 15 bottles.


testimonial 28.png

"Not so sweet. But oh soo DELICIOUS.!"


testimonial 29.png

"This brought me back to my first Thai Iced Tea @ Chatuchak. Freaking hot weather remedy."

Up here

testimonial 30.png

"Since we can't go Thailand due to CB. I shall stock my fridge with Thai milk tea from 47thaitea for the month of Ramadhan."


testimonial 31.png

"Got my thai tea fix. It's bombs!"


testimonial 32.png

"I found this lovely drink at my neighborhood. For there 2 days straight, I'm getting this for breakfast. The taste is soooooo gooooos!!"

Aishah Baharom

testimonial 33.png

"This Thai Milk Tea was recommended to me by my girlfriend who consistently ordered hers from 47thaitea! I instantly fall in love with the taste when I tried them. No regrets!"


testimonial 34.png



testimonial 35.png

"It feels like I'm in Bangkok! Yummy!"


testimonial 37.png

"Taste like home!"


testimonial 39.png

"The tea is delicious la. All distributed and drank. It's not too bitter like what you get from most shops."


testimonial 40.png

"The best thai tea is the BESTTTT I ever had."

Aishah Bahrom

testimonial 41.png

"Briyani and 47thaitea by the beach, ot's the perfect combination!"


testimonial 42.png

"It's super super good, the best I ever tasted."


testimonial 43.png

"I like thai tea! Yours is just NICE!! TERBAIKK!!"


testimonial 44.png

"Superrrr nice. My daughter love it. That is why I have to order more!"


Testimonial 45.jpg

"As usual the taste of the drinks are the same, yummy... 1st time trying viet coffee and cocoa. The is strong and not sweet (great for diabetic peeps). Cocoa are the fav for my 4 kids now on top of thai milk tea."


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